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The Veil Nebula
From Eastern to Western Veil Nebula, fine art prints and posters

The Veil Nebula in Cygnus finds its origin from a Supernova. The star exploded some 10 000 or 20 000 years ago. It is situated some 2400 light-years away from Earth. It is composed of the Western Veil (NGC 6960, Caldwell 34 also called the Witch´s broom as well as The filamentary Nebula), and the Eastern Veil (NGC 6992, Caldwell 33) and south of the latter, the Bat Nebula (NGC 6995). The Pickering´s triangle is found in the north left of the picture below. The images are taken with 3 differents telescope focal length (1360mm, 380mm and 180 mm) and in bicolors (Ha and Oiii).

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The bat Nebula in the Veil Nebula in narrow band
The East and Western Veil
Deep sky book Veil Nebula
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