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Original Astrophotography


Discover the universe with original deep-sky astrophotography.

The Deep Sky Original Astrophotography book presents a portfolio of distant galaxies, beautiful nebulae, and globular star clusters with informative descriptions. It will take you through a journey across our Milky Way and beyond, with spectacular images of the deep sky space, the Pelican nebula, Andromeda galaxy, the moon, and many others outer space objects. All images are unique and taken from the Earth´s backyard, using amateur astronomy equipment. The astronomy pictures such as the Western Veil Nebula, the Heart Nebula, the Elephant Trunk Nebula are presented in their natural colors, or in the Hubble palette. 

This is the second edition with 58 pages and 24 pictures and astronomical descriptions. High-quality photo paper luster.

Available in English and French

Preview book Deep Sky astrophotography by David James

Size Standard Landscape,

58 Pages.

High quality photo paper lustre


In English: "Deep sky"

Softcover Isbn 9781388013882

Hardcover Isbn 9780368069437

Published Date Nov 25, 2018. 

In French: "Ciel profond"

Softcover Isbn: 9781034366737

Hardcover Isbn: 9781034366744 

Published Date Jan 31, 2021​

E-book: 6€ 

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Softcover: 54,90€

(incl. 6% VAT)


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Hardcover: 64,90€

(incl. 6% VAT)


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Deep sky astrophotograhy ebook
Deep sky astrophotography book

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