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Astrofineart has its business location in Sweden Organisation number 7605123756 and VAT registered (VAT: SE760512375601).

Contact: astrofineart@gmail.com.

Telephone: +46 (0) 702863714

Adress: Katedervägen 12, 22467 Lund, Sweden

Information about prints

All prints are performed by professional labs. For customized prints, simply ask for your desired size and we will propose you the closest match, images be cropped if needed.


The budget solution, yet excellent print quality with high color fidelity

Enhanced Matt art paper (matt) -on request-

A premium quality art paper, 210 gsm

Hahnemühle Fineart Pearl paper  (pearl gloss). More information, click here

A museum-quality, highly durable paper with a pearl gloss and silk feel finish, my recommendation for galaxy and moon, with great contrast and deep black, 285gsm

Hahnemühle Fineart Baryta (high gloss). More information, click here


A museum-quality, highly durable paper with high-gloss premium inkjet coating guarantees outstanding print results with a perfect reproduction of color and detail, deep blacks, and striking contrasts. 325 gsm

Hahnemühle Photo Rag (matt). More information, click here -on request-

A museum-quality, highly durable paper with a mat, soft feel and impressive three-dimensional effect and depth, my favorite for deep sky images nebulas and "starless" pictures giving a unique sense of depth and space 308gsm

Canvas (rolled) -on request-

to frame or stretch the final deliverable yourself. Produced using a 12-color giclée fine art printing process

Canvas (stretched) -on request-

12-color giclée canvas prints, with 38mm thickness, ready to hang

Metallic Dibond print -on request-

Dibond is 3mm deep and comprises of a dense polythene core sandwiched between two thin aluminum sheets

Acrylic print -on request-

A 12-color special photographic film print is hand mounted onto thick high-gloss acrylic perspex and finished with your choice of metal corner bolts

Greeting cards -on request-

All cards include a complimentary fresh white envelope. You can order 10, 20, and multiple for low prices.

Other: we can provide prints on many other articles, including textiles and consumer electronics, just ask and we will revert

Order and payment

Users can purchase products using a valid credit card (via Paypal service or via Stripe) using the shopping carts or the PayPal system for "buy now" products. The price you pay is fixed at the time of ordering. You may not cancel an order once it has been submitted, or contact immediately astrofineart@gmail.com if you want to cancel. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the product delivery address is correct. We take no responsibility for any product a customer does not receive because of errors in the delivery address given to us. You choose to pay via Paypal service or directly with Credit Card using Stripe when using the shopping bags.

For orders on url/online-store, using the shopping bag (top left icon) "STORE" page and brown "buy now" button: You receive a confirmation of your payment either via PayPal email service or notification from Astrofineart/Ecwid about the confirmation of your order when paying by credit card (see Stripe.com for more information about credit card payment). Once payment is executed, a confirmation of your order is then sent to your email address with an invoice by Astrofineart/Ecwid (check your email spam box in case you have not received notification in your inbox). You will be then able to receive a sign-in link to login and follow the status of your order on the website.

For orders on url/special offer_astronomy poster using the form ("SPECIAL OFFERS ASTRONOMY ART PRINTS"): You receive a confirmation of your payment transaction via Stripe email service and notification from Astrofineart/Cognitoforms about the transaction confirmation (see Stripe.com for more information about credit card payment). Once payment is executed, a confirmation of your order with an invoice is then sent to your email address within 24 hours (check your email spam box in case you have not received notification in your inbox). 

For orders of large prints with blue "PayPal Buy now" button via PayPal (North America, Crab Nebula and half-moon url pages), Gift card/certificate, calendars or the book, payment proceeds via PayPal system (redirect in PayPal website login for direct purchasing -the shopping cart is not used in such cases). After check out, you are redirected to this website and a confirmation message of your order. Allow 24 hrs for confirmation of your order.

For custom print order using the form "YOUR CUSTOM PRINT", an estimate for print and shipment and picture of the print in low resolution (not used for the real print) is sent to your email via PayPal system for comments and confirmation to proceed to order. The final order with payment instruction via Paypal is then sent to you. Further processing of your order proceeds as above with notification via PayPal.

Note Local taxes (example VAT/GST) is always payable on goods imported from the European Union if you are located outside Europe. The receiver is liable to pay import fees. Prices indicated do not include such taxes. We reserve the right to refuse a paid order (in case of the shipping cost due to specific location is very high), and in such a case refund will be done.

Printing and Shipments


Print jobs are processed directly when sending you confirmation of your order. Production is outsourced through global access to professional printing labs with high standards. They are produced closest to your location as possible in Europe (and North America when possible) and shipped in a sturdy package directly to you through reliable couriers (UPS, Royal Mail, and others, we strive to find the cheapest and most secure solution to ship the goods) with tracking for the reception. The prints are covered by a protective paper and rolled in a cardboard tube for large size or in cardboard flat packages for small format.

For print order using the shopping cart /online store "STORE" and brown "Buy now", the status of your order is sent to you via notification by Astrofineart/Ecwid. The tracking number from the courier when available is sent to you by email via notification by Astrofineart/Ecwid (check your spam box for Astrofineart notification by Ecwid).

For custom print orders using the form and purchase via "Buy Now" Paypal button for large prints or "SPECIAL OFFERS" page, the book, calendars, notifications are sent by PayPal email service, or directly by astrofineart@gmail.com including a status update of the shipment, and tracking information when available.

Note in some countries, tracking may not be available.

Delivery time is typically 5 to 10 days from the order confirmation when using the shopping cart. For customer prints, we strive to deliver within 4 weeks the latest, depending on the request.

Local taxes (example VAT/GST) are always payable on goods imported from the European Union if you are located outside Europe. The receiver is liable to pay import fees. Prices indicated do not include such taxes if you order from outside EU. VAT prices are included for orders within Europe. For orders outside Europe, please contact us for an estimate.

Return & Refund

Although most unlikely, return for print defects such as scratches, tears, or damaged print caused during shipment is possible and refundable. You have 14 days from date of receiving your good for claiming return and defects through contacting astrofineart@gmail.com if any issues. Provide information about the defects, preferably with pictures and description and your order reference. Claims or requests for a refund for unsatisfactory prints in terms of artistic quality and/or technical aspects such as poor resolution/sharpness from the user point of view are not refundable. Note colors of the prints can differ from what you can see on your monitor, in case your monitor is not properly calibrated.

Gift Cards

Gift certificates can only be redeemed for goods and are valid 1 year from the issue date  – returns and cash refunds are not possible. It is valid for a single order only. One gift code can be used per order. If the coupon is not fully utilized, the difference cannot be claimed. You can redeem your gift certificate in our SPECIAL OFFERS ASTRONOMY ART PRINTS or YOUR CUSTOM PRINT. It can be used to redeem the book, calendars or posters from the main store page using "your custom print" page. On the SPECIAL OFFERS page, simply add your item to the shopping cart and enter the gift certificate code during checkout. The amount will automatically be deducted from the total price. For custom print, fill in the code number in the form, and it will be included in our offer.If the value of your order exceeds the value of the gift coupon, you must pay the difference by following the instructions (debit card payment). 


You are only acquiring material ownership of the print. No other rights are granted or implied. Any reproduction (copying), dissemination, leasing, public exhibition, or other analog or digital use is not permitted. Please contact Astrofineart if you wish to acquire rights or permissions.

For any question, you can contact me: astrofineart@gmail.com

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