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Half Moon image in High Resolution

A 6-panel mosaic picture of our moon in its first quarter after the waxing crescent phase. The lunar image is taken with a Schmidt Cassegrain C8 and SX694 camera with RGB filters. High-quality fine art print and poster are available in the store up to A0 format. Watch the video for high definition and detailed view. Approximate resolution: 1 pixel for 1 km.

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moon poster. Fine art print available

Half Moon image composite with the full Moon

The same image as above but composite with a full moon

half moon full moon. Wall art poster available. Fine art print
3 moon posters living room

The greatest moon posters and images at an affordable price and high quality on Astrofineart.

The best half moon high-resolution and high definition images.


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half moon poster thumbnail

High resolution, large half-moon poster in 3 sizes:

from 30 x 20 cm (24.90€) to 120 x 80 cm (109,90€)


High resolution, large poster full moon 3 sizes:

from 30 x 30 cm (30€) to 90 x 90 cm (115€)