Cygnus Constellation

Wide Field image of Cygnus region, part of our milky way. It stands in the plane of the Milky Way and contains many nebulas and clusters such as the North America nebula and the Veil Nebula. It is easily visible in the Northern hemisphere, with Deneb being its brightest star in its center.


Image Details: Plate solving data annotated by

Center (RA, Dec):(308.907, 42.368)

Center (RA, hms):20h 35m 37.761s

Center (Dec, dms):+42° 22' 05.767"

Size:37.5 x 25.4 deg

Radius:22.647 deg

Pixel scale:30.9 arcsec/pixel

Orientation:Up is 6.91 degrees E of N

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thumbnail north america nebula

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