Discover the Universe...
...with original astrophotography & space artwork

I will take you through a journey across our milky way and beyond, with spectacular deep sky images. An original collection of distant galaxies, beautiful nebulae, globular star clusters and moon photography with informative descriptions is awaiting you.

All photography is original, unique and taken by myself from Earth´s backyard, under the dark sky of South Sweden, using various telescopes and specialized cameras.

 Astrophotography requires patience with hours of imaging work and processing to obtain the final delicate picture I am looking for. Pain and frustration like for any artwork is part of it when the sky and conditions are not appropriate. Deep space photography is a true fine artwork which I am delighted to share my experience through this website.


High-quality prints can be purchased directly and safely via PayPal services.

Available worldwide, the astronomy posters are produced by professional labs network in Europe and North America. A careful selection of premium paper and inks ensures the best color fidelity and quality reproduction for my space photography. Print jobs are made closest to your location as possible in Europe and North America and shipped in a safe protective package directly to you via reliable couriers.

Ask Astrofineart for custom print, size, special support, format and wall art project with my pictures, I would be happy to prepare a unique fine artwork for you! Or simply check for standard print with premium art paper from Hahnemühle or simple poster from the store. If you want to offer a gift to your beloved ones and let them choose the poster of their choice, order a gift card in the store!  

Take a tour and enjoy the dust and hydrogen clouds of our sky deep space: California´s nebula, the elephant trunk nebula, the rosette nebula, and its leopard, the seven sisters of the Pleiades, the finger of God of the veil nebula, the Great Orion Nebula M42 and the running man, the magnificent Andromeda galaxy, Bode´s galaxy, and many others. Many Messier and Caldwell objects are presented and closer to us, our own satellite, the Moon, together with a high resolution close up pictures of craters and mountains like Plato and Montes Apennines.

Enjoy exploring the wonders of the universe with Astrofineart!

 D. James

Main Equipments and softwares

Equatorial mount: Avalon M-Uno from Avalon Instruments, Italy

Telescope: Celestron Schmidt Cassegrain C8 and William Optics GT81 apochromatic

Cameras: SX694 mono CCD from Starlight Xpress, UK for deep sky and ASI224MC from ZWO for planetary

Filters: Baader planetarium, Germany R, G, B, Ha, Oiii, S

Softwares: Capture: Nebulosity 4 from Stark-labs. Processing with Pixinsight

... and some inspiration and a lot of patience... 

Astrofineart space wall art, moon poster and fine art astronomy
The North American Nebula, in the hubble palette
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